Here is a little embroidery buddy that I made for my friend Yolande’s birthday.

Sick day means I got to work on some things while camping out on the couch.

The beautiful and strange work of Marcel Dzama.

San Francisco pt. 2 - April 2014. Pictures taken with a disposable camera.

San Francisco - April 2014. Pictures taken with a disposable camera. 

Ireland - February, 2014. Pictures taken with my Minolta 35mm camera. 

Disposable camera magic from the Summer of 2013. Photos taken in Sandbanks, ON, and Chelsea, QC.

I finally got around to getting 2 rolls of 120mm film taken with my Diana Camera. Unfortunately, most pictures from the first roll didn’t turn out, and the second roll did not work at all. The first three pictures are from December, and the last three are “ruined” images that turned out to be quite beautiful in a painterly way. 

A couple little embroidery things I made last year.

Behind the scenes:Installation pictures from the Momentum exhibit with my little helpers Camille & Josh.